Canadian MQG Block Lotto Challenge 2018


Okay everyone. Get ready. The Canadians are coming. Many of Canadian Guilds MQG’s across Canada are participating in a common block challenge.

  • Launching September/October 2018
  • Completion: October/November 2018
  • The Block – Wedges as Topography
  • Size: 9” Finished i.e. 9½” unfinished
  • Colour: Solids with white. Note:  FVMQG blocks must have green and white in them and you are asked to think, “tulips”.
  • Hashtags: #cdnmqgblocklotto2018, #wedgesastopography
  • Facebook Groups: Modern Quilting in Canada, Canadian Modern Quilters


  • It’s tricky trying to line up all the guilds as we all have different meeting schedules. Guilds will launch the block lotto at their first meeting after September 1st. The lotto can be completed at their first meeting after October 1st.

The Block

  • “Wedges as Topography” was designed by Adrienne Van Halem @agentpeachquilts .  There was an invitation to the executives of the Canadian MQG’s to submit a modern block. A poll was taken on the Canadian MQG Executive Facebook page and this block had the most votes.  It uses a ‘wedge’ technique to represent a modern landscape.


  • Block will be 9” finished.
  • That means 9 ½” unfinished.


  • Solid colours only. Any fabric line will do.
  • Every block should contain at least one piece of WHITE… we are not going to be picky about what type of white as long as it’s the brightest one you have. It can be the background or an itsy
    tiny piece.  This is a link to the pdf file outlining the guidelines:
  • Our guilds’ color palette will be tulips. Each block MUST have Green and White. The other colors are your choice, but think TULIPS

This is a sample of 20 blocks using a limited color palette for inspiration or ideas.


Blocks are due at our November meeting where we will draw for the winner. We will be posting pictures of our finished blocks on Instagram as we go. Be sure to follow the Instagram link to see what other guilds are doing! Each guild is following the same guidelines, but has chosen their own color palette.

This is an improv wedge block, and thanks to Katheryn and Joann’s great ideas for the last community quilt block many of you are now a bit familiar with the process.

Hashtags:   #cdnmqgblocklotto2018#wedgesastopography#fvmqg

Are you more of a visual person?  Watch this video:

Just in from Laura:

Harper’s is donating a fat quarter bundle to our Canadian Block Lotto Challenge

Christmas Mini Swap

Christmas is coming!!! It’s time for a Christmas mini swap within the guild.

Sign Up:  September meeting

At the September meeting you were provided with your partner’s Christmas mini wish list.

Deadline:  You have until the NOVEMBER meeting to complete your mini.

We will swap at the November meeting so you can display it in your home for Christmas!!

Guidelines:  MINI’S should be a maximum of 48″ in circumference (or there about – no one is going to measure it, but remember this is a Mini swap!) You will know who you are making for, but your partner won’t know until the reveal.

Submit a Quilt to QuiltCon

Quilt show entries are now open! You must be a Modern Quilt Guild member to submit.

Entries Open: July 1, 2018
Entries Close: November 30, 2018
Notifications: December 2018

Quilt shipping happens in January 2019. Your quilt will be shipped back within three weeks after the show.

To learn more about QuiltCon’s judging & jurying process, click here.

The MQG has a submission cost scholarship for the youth category. If you are under 18 and the submission cost of $15 per quilt is prohibitive for you, please apply here.


QuiltCon Challenge:

American Patchwork & Quilting Two-Color Quilt Challenge

Introducing the American Patchwork & Quilting Two-Color Quilt Challenge! For this challenge, participants are asked to create quilts with only two colors. Finished quilts can be any size, but they must use ONLY two colors.

Official category description: Eligible quilts must use only two colors in their construction. Prints may be used as long as they consist of ONLY two colors. Thread color and binding needs to match the two colors in the quilt. Backing can be any color.

The deadline for submissions is November 30, 2018 You can submit entries along with other QuiltCon submissions at

Questions about what counts as two colors? See our blog post here!