April meeting recap

Hedda was covering for Helen as the meeting chair and she opened the meeting at 7:45. (A little later than usual because the venue had a conflict.)

First up, we had the trunk show by Karlie McChesney. It was a fantastic display of numbers, art, origami inspiration and history of one person’s quilting.

Then we got into the business:


Community Quilts – all Big Bee materials are due to be mailed May 1st so if you have anything you want to send, make sure you get it to Jean before then.

Sew-in – it happened yesterday and it was a great turn-out. There will be no sew-in in May because of the workshop.

Swaps, challenges and draws:

– there were 24 participants in the Polaroid block swap and lottery. Each participant made 12 and 10 were mixed up with the other participants’ 10 and redistributed. The other 48 (+ a mysterious 3 blocks) went into a draw, which Courtney won!

– NEW challenge — a bag challenge. Make sure you challenge yourself! These bags need to be done by the June meeting.

Courtney thanked everyone for their help with the CreativFestival. She had some prizes:

– Christine for the viewers’ choice

– Sherri for the Guild’s choice

– Jane for the volunteer prize

Laura – workshops and programs

– Paul Krampitz from the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild is doing a wedge circle workshop for us on May 13th and there’s a trunk show at our meeting on May 11th.

– In June, Andrew Wong will be coming to talk about his sharpening business and what he can do for your scissors and knives. He’s based in abbotsford. If you want to bring scissors and/or knives to the meeting, you can leave them with Andrew and he’ll have them ready for pickup in a week or two. The scissors must have a screw that lets them be split into two pieces and the cost is $10 Each pair.

– In July, we will have our Picnic in the Park meeting at the Heritage Park in Mission from 6 to 9.

– In August, Terry Aske will be doing a trunk show. Terry is also from the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild.

We had Show and Tell next, and it was great, as always.

We had 2 new members at this meeting. Welcome!

See you all in May!




March meeting recap

My very greatest apologies for not posting the February meeting recap in time. That’s a first for me, and hopefully a last!

Helen opened the meeting shortly after 7 pm.

Community and Challenge quilts – Jean

Jean updated us on the progress of the Canada birthday quilts. She later had a photo taken of the several completed quilts. She also let us know that 30 house blocks had been sent to Montreal. It seems as though many Guild members are frantically completing UFO’s as the deadline is approaching. There were several completions show in Show and Tell. Jean also showed a sample of the Polaroid block for the upcoming Block Lotto. Details have been posted on our Facebook page.


Barb announced that we had 38 members in attendance and two new members had joined.


Jean reminded us of the upcoming Paul Krampitz wedge ruler workshop on May 13th. There was a reminder that you must have a 10 degree wedge ruler, but that if you let us know, you can purchase one from him. He will also be doing a Trunk show on May 11th. Again further details are on our Facebook page.


Two weeks to go! Courtney collected quilts for the challenge and display.

It was a FANTASTIC show! Great job, everyone!

Jean’s Tips and Tricks

Topics covered:

* Ensuring accuracy for your 1/4 inch foot. To test you should sew three 2″ strips together vertically, press well and measure horizontally. If your measurement is exactly 5 inches, then your foot is accurate. If it is short, then your seam allowance is too big and vice versa. To solve your problem, you need to move your needle.

* She also demonstrated the importance of using the same weight of thread in a project. It was also pointed out that you must be consistent in a project with either pressing your seams open or to one side.

* She talked about cutting straight up and down with your rotary cutter and to stand directly in front of your fabric and to line up your cutter with your hip. It is also important to sit directly in front of your sewing machine and to line up your nose with your needle.

* She demonstrated how to add 8 layers of Washi tape along the diagonal of your square ruler to make your own BlocLoc ruler. Washi tape is widely available.

* Jean demonstrated how to square up and block a quilt. Lots of interest was shown for laser levels to use to cut finished tops ready for binding.

* Lots of questions were asked and answered. The importance of maintaining good habits for accuracy was the message we were treated to.

50-50 Draw

Door Prizes

Meeting closed at 8:45

January meeting recap

Helen, our president, opened the meeting at 7 pm. Quiltcon – Helen Lysa, one of our founding members, has had her ‘Say Anything’ quilt accepted for display at Quiltcon. This is the annual convention of the Modern Quilt Guild. They are very selective about what is chosen for display. Quiltcon offers classes, displays, and a […]

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December meeting recap

(Thanks for the notes, Hedda!) Helen called the meeting to order at 7:05. This was more of a challenge than usual since many of us were eager to start the ‘Christmas  Party’ part of the meeting. Community Quilts – Jean Quilting Bee January 21, 2017. Please watch the Facebook page for more information. We will […]

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