September 2014 meeting wrap up, Happy 4 years to us!

You can check out all of the September 2014 meeting photos here on Flickr.


Cynthia: OMG I can’t believe we’re 4 years old already!


Lysa: Do I go now?…lol!


Cynthia: What do you think of our guild and how much it’s grown, wow! I remember when we first started it. We were so worried nobody would come.


Lysa: Can you imagine if no one came. We’d be sitting there looking at each other, looking at our watches, eating all the snacks we brought. Although I don’t think we had snacks at our first meeting did we? I guess Teresa would have been there, since she owned Quilt Essentials (where we held our first meetings). So we were guaranteed at least one person other than us to show up! It’s amazing to look around the room at each meeting and to see so many people now. Kind of makes you feel like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams doesn’t it,”build it and they will come”, except the ghost baseball players part (oops, spoiler alert!). Talk about a leap of faith, I’m not sure what we were expecting. Although we were always pretty clear we wanted to keep the guild open, any level of quilter welcome, all inclusive and fun! Do you have any big memorable moments in the guild that really stands out for you?


Cynthia: Lol! I think we hit a home run!
Aww I miss Quilt Essentials so much, such a wonderful store. Teresa was so kind to host us for our first year and support us.
A memorable moment… hmmm….. (kidding!) – Oh my gosh the quilts that our wonderful members made for us and presented at our anniversary meeting- simply amazing, thoughtful, brilliant, wonderful, full of love and kindness. It certainly makes you feel appreciated doesn’t it! And shows the love that our members have for our amazing group.
Along with that, our big show at Creative Stitches last year, and really pretty much every meeting has something fun, or funny, exciting, or impressive, happen. I don’t know about you but I take a whole day to wind down after a meeting, so much fun! I seriously felt hungover after our September meeting. Is there such thing as a guild hangover? I think so, ha!

What was your favourite moment(s) from the last 4 years?


Lysa: I have to agree the last meeting was HUGE, being given those beautiful quilts! I still get goose bumps just thinking about it! And yes the Creative Stitches shows too. I’d have to add the workshops we’ve had (I know I’m kind of bias there) but having Monica (Happy Zombie) out, Barb Mortell, Cheryl Arkison, Sonja Callaghan … aw, they were all great! I have to admit though, the paper piecing workshop Sonja did is still a favourite of mine, mostly because I sat in front of Helen and I just loved hearing her swear! Let’s see we also had Paul Klampitz, Bernie and Shelly, and YOU do workshops too! Did I miss any? The sew-ins have all been pretty rad… everything is a favourite, the retreats, the challenges, the Coffee Klatches! Darlene’s squeals! The shop hops…How do we pick just one!

Remember when we had the featured members? Wow, we’re really done A LOT in four years. No wonder we have meeting hang overs!

Oh and we have to mention how Carol Browne documented it all! My favourite of her photo’s was how she captured the announcement of Happy Zombie is coming to town, just exactly as it happened! Oh and the butt pictures! The new Butt pictures are great! We’ve always had such great photo’s and I must add I think we’ve always looked so great online, thanks to you! Everyone give Cynthia a round of applause! Hasn’t she always made us look so great!

Wow, how lucky are we! The guild is growing, so many people are contributing and they are doing such a bang up job! Gosh, I’m sure you feel the same as me, so, so proud!

We love you Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild!

You can check out all of the September 2014 meeting photos here on Flickr.

August 2014 meeting wrap up

You can check out all of the August meeting photos on Flickr here.

Big huge thanks to Carol Browne for her wonderful photos!

Lysa introduced the 2014-2015 executive members:

  • President: Cathy Erickson
  • Vice-president: Cynthia Frenette
  • Communications: Lynn Swanson
  • Treasurer: Jean Jones
  • Membership: Sherri Chalke
  • Workshops & Programmes: Ellen Lewis


September Meeting – September is our fourth anniversary party and we have some special activities planned. Everyone who wants to take a door prize home should bring one. The Fat Quarter Swap for the meeting will be a ‘Secret Swap’ – those who sign up at this meeting will draw names so they can customize the fat quarters for their recipient.


Membership Reminder

Effective in September, membership will be $60 a year from September to August. Drop–ins are welcome to attend a meeting to check us out and then we ask you to become a member after that.


Pacific Northwest Modern Quilt Guild Meet-Up

This will be held August 22, 23 and 24 for the first time in Vancouver. This annual event is a great way to meet other modern quilters. This year’s meet-up includes shopping, a special tour of a textile exhibit at Christchurch Cathedral in downtown Vancouver, a blind swap for a craft utility apron, and shopping at Granville Island and Spool of Thread.


Barb Mortell Workshops – August 8 and 9

These workshops were very intense and a lot of fun. The first day was more structured, the second day less so. Barb uses her in-depth knowledge of traditional quilting techniques to create amazing improvisational quilts. We all hunkered down for the second day and Barb awarded each of us with an ‘A’. Literally.


Upcoming Workshops

Ellen circulated a sheet for people to suggest topics and offer to teach workshops if they have something to share with the group!



Darlene talked about the guild sew-ins which are a great way to get together and work on our own projects. She asked the group for feedback on whether they prefer to sew-in on Fridays or Saturdays.


Coffee Klatch Get-Togethers

These monthly coffee shop get togethers move around the Lower Mainland and will likely start up again in the fall. We try to hold them in different areas, especially those with a good coffee shop plus a quilt shop somewhere nearby! If you’d like to suggest a location, please message Darlene via our private Facebook group.


Show & Tell

Hilights of August Show & Tell included fabric from New York, Warp & Weft Challenge pieces, quilt-as-you-go projects, plus a special quilt for Bob, the original bus driver for the trip to the Sisters, OR one-day outdoor quilt show. There were zippy pouches galore plus a really cool pixellated quilt. Thanks to everyone who brought something to show. This is always a hilight of the meetings.


You can check out all of the August meeting photos on Flickr here.