February Meeting Recap

It seemed like tonight was mostly show-and-tell, but there is a little bit to document as well:

1. BIG, HUGE thanks to everyone for bringing in the quilts that will be used in the show.

2. Two new members today and two guests. Nope, wait! THREE guests. We’ll get to guest three in point #5.

3. Laura reminded us that there is still space in the Feb. 27th workshop. Paper-piecing. You’ll get a pattern and you’re going home with a finished project. How often does that happen?? Workshops are fun.

4. Laura told us that we’re able to jump into a 12x12inch mini swap with the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild. They’re very fun. You can do whatever you want with your mini, using whatever colours you want (oh, the freedom!). It must be in the hands of an executive member by April 30th. If you can bring it to the April meeting earlier in the month, that’s even better and easier. Please add two triangle pockets to the top corners of your quilt-back, suitable for hanging on a dowel. Also, attach a note with your mini that states your name and the story of your mini. Watch the Facebook group for more information.

* I just did a quick google and this was the first hit (it shows a picture tutorial for the triangle sleeves).

5. Mr. Overseas (junior) came to meet us, and tell us how much he loves us. He has Aurifil, and I can tell you that I have been sorely frustrated after paying the bridge toll and getting to Fabricana only to find out that they have none of the colour I want, and that they’re sold out of the neutrals. I hope he keeps good stock levels. Mr. Overseas was kind enough to leave three gift certificates for Creative Stitches. WOOT!

6. Creative Stitches. March 18 and 19. Friday and Saturday. The stage show is well in hand – thank you. For the Challenge quilts, I hope you got your label! No trading labels, please – they’re numbered. You have two weeks left to post the picture of your Challenge quilt in the Challenge quilt facebook group. Get ‘er done. For the booth, we still need workshop projects … any workshop, any year, or even a quilt that was inspired by a workshop because your workshop item didn’t turn out as nice as you’d planned. Volunteers are still needed for the shifts on both days. There may be a draw prize for volunteers, but that’s just a rumour at this point. Volunteers get in free, so you’re saving $10 right there. That could go toward fabric, friends.

* For the quilts you’re submitted for all things, make sure your story has a little more than “I didn’t use borders and I have a lot of negative space”. We want the public to be able to read your inspiration and your design story. Also, make sure you have a well-fastened 4-inch sleeve on the back of your quilt.

** There are loads of prizes – people’s choice, members’ choice, random draws, and more!

7. Then we had a really great show-and-tell. We saw lots of the minis and some giant quilts too. There was a tiny thing that will be Lysa’s nametag / pin holder for QuiltCon, and there was a stuffed owl for a wee boy. Carol will have the photos and they will be awesome.

8. We had a Tech Talk and you all said very nice things and I thank you very much for the interest and the opportunity.



January meeting recap

WOW! Hedda got me these notes lightning fast!

Jean called the meeting to order with the traditional cowbell.

Membership Update – Sherri

Membership is holding steady at 67 members. There was one guest attending tonight.

Needlebook Workshop – Peg

Amy Dame of Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild is teaching a workshop on making a needlebook with a paper-pieced cover. Feb 27 at the University of the Fraser Valley. $30 includes a downloadable pattern. There is more information on the guild Facebook page.

Creative Stitches Show – Jean

This will be our fourth year involved in the show: March 18 and 19 this year. We have four main areas: the trunk show; the challenge quilt display; the booth; and a modern quilt display area near the entrance. We need lots of volunteers for the  display areas and we need a booth coordinator, a volunteer coordinator (scheduling) and a setup coordinator. Everyone who is showing a quilt should volunteer for at least one timeslot. Volunteers get into the show for free.

Peg is organizing the trunk show. It will focus on eight aspects that differentiate modern quilting. They are hoping to have a few quilts to demonstrate each different aspect and will set up a special Facebook page for people to send in photos of quilts they’d be willing to lend for the show. They will need to keep the quilts for 3-4 weeks and will have the selection done before the February meeting so that people can bring the quilts in then. The timelines are tight so please watch the group Facebook page for updates.

Upcoming Events – Darlene

The next sew-in is booked for January 30 at the University of the Fraser Valley, room B132. The sew-ins are free and open to members only.  There are always lots of impromptu show & tells and it’s a great change to exchange ideas and pick up some inspiration.

The next coffee klatch will likely be in February – watch the group Facebook page for more information.

Show and Tell

A great variety of different pieces. A Gees Bend inspired quilt, a spiral-light Christmas Tree skirt, and Lysa’s cassette tape quilt as interpreted by Sherri. Lysa announced that her original cassette tape quilt has been accepted at QuiltCon 2016, the annual convention of the Modern Quilt Guild. They accept 200 quilts from about 2000 every year. Congratulations Lysa!


After a coffee break spent carefully avoiding the destash area, everyone lined up on the opposite side of the room for the official start  and then started combing through for treasures. Leftovers were much fewer than they have been in the past. Thanks to everyone who helped pack up the leftovers, put tables away, and distribute unclaimed items to thrift stores. Many hands made the job much lighter.



  The stage presentation at the Creative Stitches 2016 will be a trunk show of quilts showcasing one or more aspects of the eight features of modern quilts. Guild members are asked to submit examples of their work which showcase these features. We are looking for: Three to four quilts for each feature Quilt can […]

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