March meeting wrap up!

You can check out all of the March meeting photos here via Flickr. <

FVMQG Meeting - March 2014

All photos provided courtesy of Carol Browne Photography.

FVMQG Meeting - March 2014

Warp and Weft Challenge – Cathy reminded the group about the Warp and Weft Challenge. Bundles have been given out; bring your finished items to the July meeting.

Modern Metallic Challenge
In conjunction with the Pacific Northwest Modern Quilt Guilds Group and Quilt! Knit! Stitch! Show in Portland, August 2014, we have been invited to participate in the Modern Metallics Challenge. We have been generously given fabric from Robert Kaufman to use in our challenge entries.

You are welcome to submit up to 2 quilts/person.
You may add any other fabric you wish and are encouraged to use metallic design details and themes.

Online entries open April 4 and close May 2, 2014.
If your quilt(s) is chosen you must be prepared to pay postage to the USA yourself and get your quilt(s) sent as directed.
You can review show details and entry procedure here:

FVMQG Meeting - March 2014

Upcoming Events

Modern Coffee Klatsch – Happens most Saturdays.

If you’re interested in attending, you can find the list of meet up locales on our Facebook page, or on our website here:

We highly encourage you to join our Facebook group if you haven’t already, as there is always lots of discussion and news posted and discussed in between meetings:

FVMQG Meeting - March 2014

NEW! Ongoing fabric swaps, participation optional

We are pleased to welcome Lynn Swanson as our new fabric swap coordinator!
This month and going forward, we are changing the format, please read on if you wish to participate.

April’s theme is Modern Stripes and/or Dots

What is the Fat Quarter Swap?
• Every month we will be exploring a modern theme or modern designer.
• Participants bring 2 Fat Quarters meeting the theme and swap with other participants.

What Is a Fat Quarter? & How Big is a Fat Quarter?
• A fat quarter is a one-fourth yard cut of fabric that (usually) measures 18″ x 22″. The longest side’s dimension will vary slightly if your fabric is not 44″ wide.

Why Would I Want a Fat Quarter of Fabric?
• A fat quarter gives you the opportunity to cut larger chunks of fabric than would be possible from a regular quarter-yard, including strips that are twice as long on the fabric’s (less stretchy) lengthwise grain.
• A fat quarter offers versatility, whether it’s for patchwork or appliqué.
• Quilt shops know that fat quarters are popular, and usually offer a wide assortment of them, stacked up and ready to go.
• You can use fat quarters for strip piecing by making extra strip sets from shorter lengths of fabric until you’ve cut the number of segments required for the pattern.

How it works:
• Check the monthly swap theme – refer to list- you can find this online at our Facebook page or on our website here to download and keep a copy for future:

• Place your 2 fat quarters in a zip lock bag clearly marked with your name on the bag
• At monthly meeting, place your zip lock bag in the swap area.
• During break, the coordinator will handle the exchange and you will receive your zip lock bag back with a new treasure.

Why participate?
• For the fun of it!
• Even if you don’t win a door prize you get to take home something new.
• To get some interesting fabrics that you may not buy or own.
• It’s ‘Easy peasy lemon squeezy!’

Simple Rules
• Fabric must be 100% cotton, ‘quilt- shop quality’, not pre-washed.
• Fabric must be Modern and fit the theme, or guidelines for the swap
• It’s ok to cut from your stash (using the Fat Quarter measurements) if the fabrics meet the theme.
• Fabrics not meeting the guidelines or theme won’t be swapped.
• PLEASE – let’s keep it Modern and good quality fabrics that is what it’s all about.

Thanks for participating!

Find the list of themes here on our website:

At the end of the list you will also find some suggestions and reference to modern designers and suggestions of good shops to buy modern fabrics online or in person.

Modern Made Simple Presentation by Lysa Mair
Lysa presented her ‘Modern Made Simple’ session which she will be presenting at Creative Stitches. She noted the seminal moment when Martha Stewart brought Denyse Schmidt to the world’s attention in 1998, about the same time digital cameras, the internet and social media were taking off. Other key events in the development of Modern Quilting as a movement included the Gees Bend Quilt exhibition in 2002; the creation of Flickr for online photo sharing in 2004; and finally the foundation of the Modern Quilt Guild (LA) in 2009.

Modern quilting is dignificantly different from traditional quilting in the aesthetic.
Key aspects of the modern quilting aesthetic include: bold colours; high contrast; use of solids and expansive negative space; alternate grid work; improvisational piecing; minimalist and modern traditionalist. See the FVMQG Flickr sets for fabulous examples of all of these!

You can view the presentation as a pdf here:  FVMQG Modern Made Simple

Creative Stitches round up!

Big huge massive thank you to everyone who helped with the Creative Stitches Show. It was a great success and we had tons of positive feedback on our display, presentations, and show overall, plus lots and lots of votes on our quilts, the Modern Minis and the “Bigs”. Our candy pack swag giveaways and our 4 new button designs were huge hits, and highly sought out, can you guess which one was most popular? (wink!)

We have awarded the Modern Minis with their prizes, so generously sponsored by
Cindy’s Threadworks

The winners in order of public vote are:
Marilyn Isaak
Cynthia Frenette
Cathy Mackay

Congrats to the winners, and to all who entered and participated and tried some new modern techniques. We hope you enjoyed the experience!

The winners of the “Bigs” will be announced and awarded at our meeting this week, prizes very generously sponsored by Quilter’s Connection Magazine. Stay tuned!

We’d like to thank our hard working volunteers who put in their own time and helped with the show, from hanging the show and setting up our display and booth, to volunteering at our booth and display, jurying the show, the stage presentations & demos/seminars, to tear down, everyone involved was so helpful and ready to step in at a moment’s notice to help where needed. Huge thank you’s to everyone who helped make the show a success! The show organizer was extremely happy with what we did and thanked us for being so organized, job well done to all!

Thanks to our hard-working volunteers, in no particular order:
Cathy Erickson, Lysa Mair, Cynthia Frenette, Sherri Chalke, Barb Macleod, Vera Swaren, Helen Tervo, Marg Ryall, Marilyn Isaak, Terri Fischer, Colleen Bell,Jean Jones, Judy Johnson, Christine Johannink, Hedda Eyben, Kat Potter, Peg McNichol, Laura Miron, Darlene Barnes, Karen Christie, Ellen Lewis, Julie Young, Joan Zielke (any errors or omissions not intentional!)

And thank you again to the Creative Stitches Show for hosting us, and to our fabulous prize sponsors, Cindy’s Threadworks and Quilter’s Connection Magazine.

If you missed our presentation at Creative Stitches, it is now available on our site in pdf format here.
If you wish to share or review with another guild, please ask us first, and please link with love back to us. Thanks!

Cheers to a job well done!

If you found us from the Creative Stitches Show, welcome!

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 9.32.24 AM

We’re busy working on a recap of the fun-filled weekend of Creative Stitches, but in the meantime, if you missed our presentations at the show, you can check it out here:  FVMQG Modern Made Simple sans audio and the amazing Lysa as presenter, but you get the jist!

If you wish to use the content yourself to present at your own guild, please ask us first, and please share with love and link back to us!

We hope to see you at our upcoming meeting, Thursday April 10 .

It’s Creative Stitches Show Time!


This weekend we are part of the Creative Stitches Show at Tradex in Abbotsford. This is a big deal and amazing opportunity for our guild. The show organizer has given us a massive feature,  how lucky and fortunate are we! We will have a booth plus a large display of our best modern quilts, including the Modern Mini challenge where everyone who participated was given a modern quilting theme or technique to illustrate. We’ll also have a display of larger quilts selected from our members to showcase our best modern work. On top of that we’re doing some stage presentations and seminars all about modern quilting.


We’ve been busy jurying, organizing, making buttons, swag, cards, signage, everything we need to make it happen and to promote the guild and the overall show.

We hope we do the big Creative Stitches show hosts proud! And we hope if you’re local that you’ll come out to see it and support a fun show all full of sewing goodies, fabrics, and more.

You can find out more on the Creative Stitches website here, and hope to see you there!

January and February meeting wrap ups

Apologies for the lateness for posting the meeting wrap ups! Click thru the links below to view all of the meeting photos as a slideshow.


February 2014 Meeting Wrap up

Lysa announced a draw for everyone who made and wore hand-made nametags to the meeting. Quilty Magazine!

Quilting Bee Meeting - February 2014

Helen is collecting notions and fabric for a Lutheran Church quilting group that makes quilts for disaster victims. They particularly need notions – needles, thread, pins, masking tape, yarn, darning needles, batting, etc. Fabric is okay but what they really need are the notions!

Quilting Bee Meeting - February 2014

Lots of good stuff coming up! Lysa circulated a poll to ask the group to choose between two possible upcoming workshops from Felicity of Felicity Quilts. A reminder that Lysa is doing a drawing featuring modern fabric for our  Creative Stitches booth – if you have something you want included, send it to her by March 1 and make sure you put your name on it so she can return it. The Happy Zombie Shop Hop and workshop are coming up April 11 – register with Lysa by March 14 for the workshop and April 5 for the shop-hop. Warp and Weft Challenge bundles have been delivered and can be collected by Cathy.

February was the last month for the charm square swap; starting in March it will be a fat quarter swap by designer. We are starting with Camille Roskelley in March. Darlene will do an advance list to make shopping for fabric easier.

Quilting Bee Meeting - February 2014

Cathy gave a presentation on how to get in on modern swaps and bees. Many of these are organized through Flickr so the best way to keep track is to create an account and join groups. Then just search terms like ‘modern quilting’. The Flickr groups are great for inspiration even if you don’t post photos. If you are looking to join a swap or bee, you have to keep an eye on them often because the bees fill up quickly. (The word ‘stalking’ may have been used.)

Once you’ve been in a bee or two, you tend to get invited to join more. Flickr is also a great way to connect with charity sewing groups like Do Good Stitches. You can also start your own bee or set up a private swap. Doing it online is a great way to connect with a bigger quilting community.

There were loads of great door prizes for our Valentine’s Day meeting – thanks to everyone who brought a door prize or some of the nibblies that everyone enjoyed!

Quilting Bee Meeting - February 2014

All February meeting photos can be seen on Flickr here.



January 2014 Meeting Wrap up- Destash meeting!

January Quilt Guild Meeting

Lysa opened the January meeting with her big announcement that Happy Zombie, Monica Solorio-Snow, is coming to visit the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild! (See Lysa’s post below for details of the events we have planned with Monica.) They include a fabulous shop-hop on Friday April 11 plus a sew-along on April 12.

Karen from Quilter’s Connection magazine announced that the spring issue would focus on modern quilting. She asked people to sign-up if they were interested in sharing images of their work to illustrate the article. A sign-up sheet went around the room. The deadline for images was January 25.

Helen recently visited a quilting group at Peace Lutheran Church. This group makes quilts for disaster victims. They are always in need of notions for quilting – thread, pins, rotary blades, wool for tying quilts, darning needles, straight and safety pins, and also quilting cotton. If anyone wants to donate please bring your donation to an upcoming meeting for Helen to deliver to the church.

January Quilt Guild Meeting

Cathy reminded the group about the Modern Mini Challenge for display at the Creative Stitches Show. Details are on Cathy’s blog post (link here.) She also announced that the Warp & Weft Challenge was open. The cost this time around is $22 for a bundle of six fat quarters. The sign-up sheet was circulated and the Challenge sold out quickly.

Lysa outlined the activities that would be part of the  Creative Stitches show March 28 and 29 at the Tradex in Abbotsford. Sign-up sheets went around so people could volunteer for different parts of the show. If you are interested in helping out and didn’t get a chance to sign-up, email Lysa or Cynthia (add links.) Quilts for the show will be juried (sounds scary, but it’s just to make sure everything we show is modern, since that’s the theme of Creative Stitches this year.) This will happen at the March 15 Sew-In so please bring your quilts or send them along with someone who’s attending!
After all the announcements, it was time for the De-Stash. All the participants went home with something new and the leftovers were folded neatly and packaged up. Thanks to Karen for dropping everything off at a thrift store after the event!
January Quilt Guild Meeting


All January meeting photos can be seen on Flickr here.